My VR Office Experiment: Day 36

A New VR Environment for Horizon Home

Day 36 in the Virtual Office – the final week begins

Total Time in VR: 1 hours and 49 minutes (across 5 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Work (40% – 43 min), MiniMindfulness (28% – 30 min), 1:1 Meetings (27% – 29 min), Team Meetings (6% – 6 min)

It is becoming a theme with Mondays… Another slow start to the week. I won’t blame the VR experience for most of it though I have one item for “cup half empty” to discuss. Life just got in the way today. This Monday in particular was challenging as I had lots of stuff on my list, including a mid-day trip outside the house (in a snowstorm), and it’s the beginning of a 4 day week leading to holiday break. So not the start I wanted for the beginning of the final week of the VR Office Experiment.

Cup Half Empty: The most interesting stat today is 6 minutes of Team Meetings. That was an attempt to have a Project Meeting (standard Monday meeting) in Workrooms. Today the avatars were not working right. At one point we couldn’t see each other. The person joining on WebPortal could only see the “shadow avatar” that appears when someone is offline. There was even a latency issue, which I haven’t experienced since the earlier days of this platform. Just seems like the 1.9 update has some bugs. It was a “major” update, so bugs are to be expected. Hopefully they are squashed soon.

Cup Half Full: The full crew of three returned to the mindful minigolf courses today. One of our crew was on vacation last week. I shot this short video of our space this morning, which will be a part of an upcoming review of “Walkabout Minigolf for Team Building”.

MiniMindfulness on the El Dorado golf course


Another rough beginning. That doesn’t always mean a bad week. I want to end strong, so hopefully tomorrow will be a return to form. I am starting to see the trends, the solid use cases, the bad use cases, and what expectations we might place on workers in the VR Campus. Time to prove this space works, even after a tough Monday.

Till Tomorrow…

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