About Me

For those who like videos over text!

Hey there. You can call me BC. I am a Team Leader at OssoVR, a fully remote Virtual Reality company focused on Medical Education. I have worked in the VR field for the past 6 years, and I find it thrilling to be working in a space that is rapidly changing how we interact with others around the world. I believe that the thing we begrudgingly are calling “the metaverse” can be a great force for good in the world. I also believe that it could be an absolute disaster and make our current issues with the internet and social media look like child’s play. I started this site to explore how to make it good, and avoid the other outcomes.

I am a husband and a father to a teenager. I’ve been on the front lines of watching how “more connection” doesn’t mean “better connection”. I believed in social media when it started, and have come to abandon most of it. But I hold out hope for what the metaverse could be. If built well, it could bring people together instead of pushing them apart. But it takes thoughtful minds to get the job done. And you have to be a bit of a dreamer, and perhaps a little crazy…

Thanks for coming along for some of the journey with me.

If you have thoughts or comments you would like to share, send me a message at bc@carrierpigeonxr.net