Carrier Pigeon XR

The Metaverse – Ancient Goals Achieved without Ruining the World…

Why Pigeon?

Since the early ages of humanity, we have strived for connection with each other. Often times those connections were positive, sometimes not quite so much. But our ability to connect has always been limited by space and time. We’ve made devices to assist us along the way: telegraph, telephone, video conferencing, Facetime; but all of those tools failed to allow us to meet face-to-face in real-time, and have it feel REAL.

We choose the Carrier Pigeon because as far back as 3000BCE, humanity has used homing birds to communicate across great distances. Harnessing a bird’s ability of self navigation, humans found a way to converse as fast as a bird could fly between locations. The Metaverse will take it to a whole new level.

What is Extended Reality?

Virtual Reality

Become immersed in a completely digital experience, either computer generated or 360 video/photo, using a head-mounted display like the Meta Quest or HTC Vive. Formerly a solo experience, collaborative VR has opened the first big opportunity for the Metaverse, allowing people from around the world to enter virtual spaces and interact in real-time experiences.

Augmented Reality

Access primarily via mobile devices in the current integration, AR overlays a digital object on the physical world using cameras. When tied to tools like GPS and LiDAR, augmented reality can become much more engaging. It’s true strength won’t come though until head-mounted displays like the HoloLens2 become more widely available to consumers.

Mixed Reality

When a VR or AR experience is being informed in real-time by an external source, you are in the land of Mixed Reality (MR). An excellent example these days is a mapped laptop in Horizon Workrooms. What you are seeing is entirely digital, but the information on the screens, and your interactions with your physical keyboard are being fed in real-time by your mapped laptop.

These 3 elements of XR all will play a role in the design and development of the Metaverse. It is important not to think of the Metaverse as just one of these “realities”, but rather a merging of all into something bigger than each element.