My VR Office Experiment: Week 7 Wrap Up

Week 7 – December 12th – December 16th

Total Time: 17 hours and 25 minutes across 25 sessions in 4 categories.

Focus Time-46% (8 hrs 2 min – 10 sessions) slight drop from 50% last week

Team Meetings-25% (4 hrs 25 min – 5 sessions) roughly the same from 21% last week

1:1 Meetings-22% (3 hrs 52 min – 6 sessions) big increase from 9% last week

MiniMindfulness-6% (1 hrs and 5 min – 4 sessions) big drop from 11% last week

Observations of Week 7 – This was a roller coaster of a week. I started with really low numbers, partly because of my schedule and partly because of illness. But then I worried that I would get stuck down there. I didn’t need to worry because I came roaring back for the last half of the week! Workrooms received an update this week that added more stable monitors, fist bumps, and floor passthrough! At work it also added the need to update which can be challenging with large groups who don’t use the platform nearly as often as I do. But we are working through those challenges.

I’m excited to draw the VR Office Experiment to a close next week. Not because I don’t want to keep using VR for Productivity (far from it!!), but because I am itching to start looking at the data. I even looked a little this week and stopped myself. I don’t want any numbers introducing bias, because I want my conclusions to be as balanced as possible. One more week of daily posts and then a break for a while, as I crunch all the numbers. More on the plan just before the holiday break. Time to finish strong!

Till Tomorrow…


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