My VR Office Experiment: Day 33

Day 33 in the Virtual Office!

Total Time in VR: 5 hours and 23 minutes (across 7 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Work (63% – 3 hours 23 min), 1:1 Meetings (19% – 59 min), Team Meetings (13% – 43 min), MiniMindfulness (5% – 15 min)

And just like that, the wind is back in the sails!!! Today was a good day in VR. My best day since returning to the Experiment after Thanksgiving. I spent a lot of time in Focus working on some stuff that I really needed to pay close attention to. The Lakes Office really did serve as the isolation chamber that I needed to, you know, FOCUS. I also had a few meetings 1:1 and teams. I got to spend 30 minutes with someone from the People Ops team today, and it was just great to have a conversation sitting at a table together, versus staring at our monitors.

Cup Half Empty: There is some negative stuff today. Specifically around the Workrooms update that was available this morning. I mentioned earlier that I felt like an update was coming, and I was right. But I wasn’t able to update the app when I clicked the button. I ended up un-installing Workrooms and then re-installing it. That is not a good process by any stretch. My guess is that the Workrooms team was made aware of the issue and a new update will be coming out tomorrow. That’s my hope, as I’d rather not have to tell all of the Workrooms users at my company that they need to uninstall and reinstall. Fingers crossed for that update.

Cup Half Full: I switched from my Quest 2 to Quest Pro this afternoon cuz my battery for the face fan was dead. I was planning to switch back to the Quest 2 (the scalable solution for this experiment), but I forgot. I only realized I hadn’t switched it when my Quest Pro battery got low. My Quest 2 battery never goes that low because I have an extended battery on the head strap. I’m like “why would my battery be low?” and that’s when I realized I was still in the Quest Pro (because there’s nothing blocking the bottom of the headset). I say all this to make the point that the quality of screens between Pro and Quest 2 was negligible for me today. I’m sure the Pro is better. But I didn’t notice, and that’s interesting to me.


A return to my old form, clocking in over 5 hours of time in the VR Office today. I got a ton of work done that I’m certain would have taken longer without the isolation chamber that is the VR headset. Still got to meet up with a bunch of people in VR today, so even all that solo time didn’t make me feel as alone as it has in the past. Just a good all around Wednesday!

Till Tomorrow…


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