My VR Office Experiment: Day 32

Day 32 in the Virtual Office

Total Time in VR: 1 hours and 23 minutes (across 3 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Team Meetings (36% – 30 min), 1:1 Meetings (35% – 29 min), Focus Work (29% – 23 min)

Today was not the upswing I wanted to see, but sometimes that’s how it goes. Three sessions, three categories. Didn’t even get to meditation to start it off. Maybe there’s a connection… 😉

I’m glad that I decided to do an extra 4 weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s been hard to get back into the groove that I was in before the week off. I need to understand why. I’m giving it a lot of thought. Enthusiasm only gets you so far. What are the right use cases? I haven’t crunched my numbers so I’m not certain. I will know more when this is done. But for now I want to try and harness some of that early energy and end strong. I have had some health issues that make VR harder for me to do for longer sessions. Again, that’s a reality that this technology will always be limited by, in my opinion.

Cup Half Empty: Workrooms was not working well today. People had trouble getting into the app. The avatars were freezing. The desktop passthrough was not tracking properly. The mouse was moving on it’s own. And the keyboards were bouncing around. Basically a total flop for my morning “Team Stand Up” today. Feels like a bug fix might be needed. Or an update is on the horizon (pardon the pun). Hopefully one of those is true, because if all my team meetings were like the one this morning, we would be back on Zoom.

Cup Half Full: Not much to sing about today. The couple meetings I had were shaky. My 1:1 was a little better, after my co-worker managed to get in. We had a nice convo about the value he sees in the platform, which isn’t in total alignment with my thinking, and that is GREAT! I want to talk to people with a different vision, or healthy skepticism. That’s who we find a viable path forward, or determine a path forward isn’t an option yet.


Another disappointing day. Using VR has several limitations. Being healthy is one. A stable platform is another. Neither of those were boxes I could check off today. Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Till Tomorrow…


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