My VR Office Experiment: Day 15

Day 15 in the Virtual Office!

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 4 minutes (across 4 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time (1 hour 18 min), Community Time (1 hour), Evening Work (1 hour 45 min)

Today was one of those days where the real world made VR difficult. I started my day dealing with a leaky tire on my car. As much as I love Virtual Reality, I am not prepared to put on a headset in the waiting room of a mechanic! I had a day of mostly Zoom meetings. I plan in the future to try joining Zoom calls using a VR Camera (this is possible with the Immersed app versus my home base of Horizon Workrooms), but I didn’t have the energy for that today. So a bit of a whimper to wrap the week, but there were still some moments worth highlighting.

Cup Half Empty: I didn’t do enough today to hit any walls. So I’ll leave the empty half of the cup alone today.

Cup Half Full: I spent some time in a couple Mini-Golf sessions today. The first with a couple fellow Osso team mates. I was able to demonstrate the “Power of Three”. This is a philosophy I have about collab VR that I do inside VR so I can simulate the experience. Basically with two people you have a back and forth convo. The rules are simple. You face each other and take turns talking. Predictable. Our brains like it. Then you throw a third person into the mix. Now something much more dynamic takes place. Who speaks in what order is up for grabs! And you need to move between the other two people in the convo. It’s a physical shift your brain FEELS! But it is a good thing, because it feels totally normal, and unlike anything Zoom can simulate. I started our golf session doing this demo and I think the point hit home.

I wrapped my day on another mini-golf course, this time with a couple folks from a third party I’ve been working with for a while now. This was another group of three, so while I didn’t do my same stump speech, we were living the “power of three” throughout our hour of time together. That was a great way to end the week, after a day of light VR.

Since I didn’t spend much time in the headset today, this evening I decided to make a test video highlighting the ability to film through the passthrough cameras to show the physical space (similar to Augmented Reality). I did this with the Quest Pro, but it works with Quest 2 (just the video is grey scale not full color). Check it out!

Test Video for Passthrough filming (my apologies for the shaky camera..aka my head)


I am looking forward to crunching my numbers for the week to see how things changed from Week 2. I feel like I spent less time in VR. The physical world got in my way a little more this week than the first two. That’s not a fail. That’s a reality, and all part of the experiment. I’m still feeling very good.

And if the guys I played my last round with today are reading this, good luck trying to beat me at Walkabout Minigolf next time!! 🙂

That’s a -15 for BC. Claiming victory on the 20K Leagues Under the Sea Course!

New videos coming this weekend, stay tuned. You can find those on this site, but also now on You Tube as well!!

Till Tomorrow…

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