My VR Office Experiment: Day 14

Day 14 in the Virtual Office: Remote Office Edition!!!

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 30 minutes (across 5 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time (2 hours 17 min), Team Meetings (40 min), 1:1 Meetings (45 min), Mini-Mindfulness (30 min), Evening Work (17 min), Quest Pro Time (46 min)

Sneak Peek into my Raw Data Screen

Today was kind of amazing. Check out “Focus Time” in that graph! Over 2 hours of Focus time and here’s the wild part, it was all in one session! That’s the longest I have ever been in Focus Time, and the crazy part was today I wasn’t using my beloved Face Cover with Fan (silicone cover today for “cover testing”). It kind of blows my mind. I did some serious “thought work” today which at times meant I was sitting in my VR Office thinking. I was working out a few things and then putting a powerpoint together. Having that dedicated “thought space” of the Private VR Office was exactly what I needed, and the time just flew by!

Cup Half Empty: I don’t have much to say here today. I expected to be hurling the silicone cover face cover under the bus, but it wasn’t actually bad. I had a few times when my laptop disconnected from Workrooms and I had to reconnect, but that wasn’t that distracting, and it often coincided when I was opening and closing windows and swiping the screens around.

Cup Half Full: I’ve already raved about the long Focus Time today, so I won’t belabor the point. In addition to my couple hours this afternoon I had some team meetings and a 1:1 with my manager. I used the Quest Pro during Mini-Mindfulness and didn’t see much of a difference in the experience. Since only two of us were there today we ended up chatting for a while before our meditation, and we almost ran out of time. Funny how you can lose your sense of time when engaged in a dynamic face to face conversation!


The VR Office moved back to the remote office for the second time. I still marvel at how once you are in VR the actual room doesn’t really matter anymore.

I want to keep experimenting with a smaller pack to make the VR Office more portable (it’s still two bags). More and more this virtual space with this cartoon world is becoming “where I go to work” and that boggles my mind a bit. I know I’m an early adopter (and a little crazy), but I hope to give more people the opportunity to experience this space. I put a friend into my VR office on Monday, and he quickly was able to say “I could see myself working in here a lot”. It’s not a huge lift. It’s not a big learning curve. But we need to keep at it, and get more data to prove it out. And find those pitfalls, because they are there. I’m not switching to rose colored glasses by any stretch!!

Till Tomorrow…

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