My VR Office Experiment: Day 40 (Last Day)

Happy New Year from the physical side of the VR Office!

Final Day in the Virtual Office!

Today marks the end of the VR Office Experiment. Well, at least the end of the period of data gathering. I have been sharing daily stats for the past 40 working days (plus some additional weekend content). Those stats are just the basic numbers. There is more data to be mined out of the tools I have been using to track my productivity in VR. But not till next year. For today I will wrap up with the final Week Stats, and share one last chart as a teaser to the next phase.

For me, this a huge day. Writing posts almost every day for two months was daunting at times. But I made it through without a miss, and made some fun videos along the way! So I am very happy to cross this milestone from data gathering to data analysis. And I’m glad to be done with daily posts for at least a few weeks, as I take some time off for the holidays.

Here are the stats for Week 8 in the VR Office:

Total Time in VR: 11 hours and 30 minutes (across 22 sessions)

Focus Work: 52% – 5 hours and 58 minutes (across 10 sessions)

Community Time: 17% – 1 hour and 59 minutes (across 2 sessions)

MiniMindfulness: 13% – 1 hour and 30 minutes (across 4 sessions)

1:1 Meetings: 13% – 1 hour and 29 minutes (across 3 sessions)

Team Meetings: 5% – 32 minutes (across 3 sessions)

Summing it all up (too long for #TLDR)

I saw a dip in the number this final week mainly due to this being a short week with lots of Zoom calls to wrap up the year. But like I’ve said so many times over the past month, that is OKAY. The number are what they are.

I started this effort as a personal exercise, because I wasn’t finding enough data from people who didn’t enter the VR Office with a bias (both for and against it). My work tracking my usage in VR quickly turned into something that had value for my company, OssoVR. As a remote company, these VR Office tools could be very valuable. But they could also be a distraction, and a waste of time and money. We need to understand how these tools work in order to know where they add value. I’ve done my best to to honest all along the way. I chose to share the journey online through this blog and LinkedIn posts, and the response has been pretty cool. Over 400 people have followed these posts across 20 countries! Thank you to everyone who has chosen to read these daily journal entries. I’ll be back in January 2023 to share more about my findings. My end game is a detailed report articulating “The Value of VR for Workplace Productivity“. But more on that to come. I’ll leave you with a final pie chart. This represents my 40 day VR Office Experiment. I’ll talk numbers in January, but just know that I spent over half of my working hours in VR during this experiment, and Focus Work, Team Meetings, and 1:1 Meetings were the biggest slices. And that gives us a clear path forward.

40 Working Days in Virtual Reality

See you in 2023!

BC (another AI Avatar)

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