My VR Office Experiment: Day 38

Day 38 in the Virtual Office!

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 40 minutes (across 7 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Work (60% – 2 hour 49 min), Community Time (21% – 59 min), MiniMindfulness (11% – 30 min), Team Meetings (8% – 21 min)

A solid day today. Lots of focus work, as I keep tying out my projects before breaking for the holiday. I hosted a holiday community time (cover photo today), and that was a lot of fun. New update today there, so we had some glitches that were pretty annoying, but we also had some fun with it. Nothing funnier than acting like the person who keeps vanishing has vanished, even when he hasn’t!!! “Oh no, looks like he vanished again…” (hehehe)

Cup Half Empty: We had a more successful stand up today, but still one person was having issues. Could only see our names, not our avatars. And though we could see her, the avatar mouth was not moving, so that was a little odd. Step in the right direction, but still a “half empty” moment.

Cup Half Full: The Mindfulness crew sailed off over the Quixote Valley Sea to a new location this morning. I really like the idea of “traveling” to our meditation spot. That means the people joining must have good “VR Legs” to handle the flying part, but the action of flying off as a “fellowship” of sorts to our remote location is kind of amazing. Thank you to the devs at Mighty Coconut, for leaving the courses truly “open world”. Don’t put up walls!! And we excited to start meditating in Atlantis in 2023!

Our new spot on Quixote Valley


While a 40 day Experiment, tomorrow is my last working day of 2022. So tomorrow is the last day of tracked data. I have a bunch of things already on the VR calendar, so it should be a good day. I keep poking at the data analytics tools and I’m thrilled with the amount of information at my fingertips. Just need to be patient, cuz the data crunching is a 2023 thing (I am taking some welcome vacation, and showing NYC to my kiddo!)

Till Tomorrow…


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