My VR Office Experiment: Week 6 Wrap Up

The Weekly Wrap Up is now a Blog Post.

Week 6 – December 5th – December 9th

Total Time: 16 hours and 16 minutes across 29 sessions in 5 categories.

Focus Time-50% (8 hrs 4 min) increase from 39% last week

Team Meetings-21% (3 hrs 20 min) roughly the same from 22% last week

1:1 Meetings-9% (1 hrs 28 min) big drop from 22% last week

MiniMindfulness-11% (1 hrs and 48 min) slight drop from 13% last week

Community Time-10% (1 hour 35 min) increase from 5% last week

Observations of Week 6 – This was another week where “focus work” took the top spot, which is becoming predictable. The surprise was the large crop in 1:1 meetings. I had several meetings that have been VR in the past move to Zoom for logistical reasons, so that makes a lot of sense.

I failed to keep track of my end of day surveys this week, which is frustrating because there is data there to get if I just remember to do it. I will try and improve on that for the final two weeks of the VR Office Experiment.

On to Week 7!

Till Tomorrow…


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