My VR Office Experiment: Day 26

Day 26 in the Virtual Office!

Total Time in VR: 1 hours and 18 minutes (across 2 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Team Meetings (77% – 1 hour), MiniMindfulness (23% – 18 min)

We begin Week 6 with a bit of a whimper. I was solo for MiniMindfulness this morning, But that just meant I got to steal someone else’s favorite meditation spot for the day!

The only other time I spent in VR today was hosting our team’s Book Club. We had a mix of people in VR and on WebPortal inside Workrooms today. It was fun to be able to add body language to a meeting that is usually Zoom based.

Cup Half Empty: We normally record the Zoom Book Club and in a pinch we could not figure out if the Workrooms WebPortal had a recording option. I ended up recording half of the hour long meeting from my 1st person view in the room. Not ideal. I’ll have to look a little closer at the option for screen capture. You definitely need a way to record “mixed reality” meetings like this for those who aren’t in attendance.

Cup Half Full: Same meeting with half empty also had half full. This was my first time hosting Book Club and I was happy to host inside VR. It can’t be overstated that there is something about people turning and looking at you when you talk. Just not something that happens on Zoom. I want more of those types of meeting in my “remote work” life.


Slow start to the week, for a variety of reasons. Some days it just isn’t convenient to put on a headset and work in VR, and that is OKAY! It has to be in order to scale. But I still hope I spend more time on the VR Campus when I’m back at work tomorrow.

Till Tomorrow…


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