My VR Office Experiment: Week 5 Wrap Up

The Weekly Wrap Up is now a Blog Post.

Since I decided to start doing my Reviews in the form of videos, I have been overwhelmed on the weekends with video production and editing. I place a great deal of value on work/life balance, and my “volunteer work” with this site on the weekends is cutting deep into my family time. So for weeks 5-8 of the VR Office Experiment, the weekly wrap up will be here in the form of a shorter blog post.

All of this data is mostly for me anyway. Once the experiment wraps in late December, I will be using all of this information to develop guidance around “VR for Productivity in the Workplace”. But I’m thrilled if others find value in these numbers. And it is a good way to hold myself accountable. So here’s the breakdown of this week in the VR Office.

Week 5 – November 28th – December 4th

Total Time: 19 hours and 39 minutes across 29 sessions in 5 categories.

Focus Time-39% (7 hrs 36 min)

Team Meetings-22% (4 hrs 19 min)

1:1 Meetings-22% (4 hrs 15 min)

MiniMindfulness-13% (2 hrs and 28 min)

Community Time-5% (59 min)

Observations of Week 5 – My total time lowered again this week, but it’s still right around the 50% mark that has been my rough target all along. The top categories continue to be Focus, Team Meeting, and 1:1 Meetings. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary this week, so these 5 categories feel like the “standard pack” that I should see at a bare minimum.

I continued to have some minor issues with bugs in Workrooms, but nothing that I’m too worried about. I also had a “glass shattering ” moment this week when I moved between social VR and solo VR. The dramatic shift is something to think about as this type of solution scales, especially for people new to virtual reality. On to Week 6!

Till Tomorrow…


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