Mini-Mindfulness Video

This week marked the 6 month anniversary of Mini-Mindfulness. These are 10 minute meditation sessions I do every weekday morning before my work day begins. I’ve been lucky to have a couple co-workers join me the majority of the time (and they sometimes go without me when I have a conflict), and I am so grateful!

Working as a remote worker means a lot of “working alone in your office”, but with a tool like Mini-Mindfulness, I have been able to have a consistent start to my day, which I am confident increases my productivity, while it also improves my mental health!

You don’t need a formal Meditation App (though there are a few solid choices if you are okay with solo sessions). Thinking creatively we turned a mini-golf game into an oasis for starting the day mindfully! Our favorite locations at the moment are Quixote Valley, El Dorado, and 20K Leagues Under the Sea. Give it a try!

Disclaimer: it’s worth noting that in August 2022 the makers of Walkabout Minigolf (Mighty Coconut) introduced a partnership with Lumenkind, also called “Mini-Mindfulness”. We are okay sharing the name with them. 🙂

The crazy thing about this video is that I shot it in the evening with my wife and kiddo (instead of asking my co-workers to take evening time to film with me). My wife used my avatar. My kiddo used a generic avatar (because she didn’t want to “be on camera”). Kind of wild the tools that VR gives us for producing these types of videos. The camera was just me “flying around”.

Till Tomorrow…

BC (Walkabout Avatar)

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