My VR Office Experiment: Day 17

Day 17 in the Virtual Office!

Total Time in VR: 3 hours and 4 minutes (across 9 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time (1 hour 29 min), Team Meetings (1 hour 20 min), MiniMindfulness (15 min)

Just like the real world, I think it’s important to wear different clothes every day in the Virtual Office. Unfortunately I was a little hasty in selecting this morning and ended up wearing a crop top to my morning stand up. Meta really needs to work on the wardrobe options, and give more “real world” outfits because some of them are just bonkers right now. Fun? Sure. But not things you would ever wear to the office.

Today was a return to normal in the VR Office. I ran with the rule that if I could be in VR I would be in VR. So a couple Zooms were still required, but for the most part I stayed in VR today. That meant watching a few Zoom calls from inside VR too (with my camera turned off, since my laptop isn’t anywhere near me). I very much prefer the VR office to the passthrough office as it gives me a sense of being “somewhere else”.

Cup Half Empty: I flagged a couple things today that were frustrating. First, inside the VR Office I would occassionaly get the “loading hum” that you hear when you are moving between spaces in Workrooms. But the hum wouldn’t stop. My only option was to close out of Workrooms and re-enter the application. Not ideal. It seemed to happen if I moved out of my desk boundary briefly. The sound starting makes sense, but when I returned to the desk it should turn off.

I also had noticeable lag with the cursor. And sometimes the cursor would just start moving on it’s own! Also since I was playing Apple Music while working, the sound became choppy and would speed up oddly when this latency problem occurred. Hopefully this doesn’t become a trend.

Cup Half Full: It was great to have a full day back in the original VR Office downstairs. I used the isolation of the VR Office to do lots of Focus work today and attend meetings where I only needed to listen. I started my day in Mini-Mindfulness alone, but I again used the Calm app for a guided meditation and I really enjoyed that.


The fourth week is in full swing! I have lots of dedicated VR time planned this week, so I’m paying close attention to my productivity in VR. I expect an upswing there, but only time and good tracking of that time, will tell.

I can’t end my post without noting that a new Walkabout Minigolf course released today! The Myst Course is now available via DLC pack. I played a quick round over my lunch hour today, and it is WILD. Lots of triggering objects and borderline puzzles to solve to get good scores. Definitely worth the $3 charge. Check it out!!

Till Tomorrow…


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