My VR Office Experiment: Day 11

Day 11 in the Virtual Office! Just a half day today…

Total Time in VR: 2 hours and 4 minutes (across 6 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time (48 min), 1:1 Meetings (44 min), Team Meetings (20 min), MiniMindfulness (10 min)

It was a slow start to Week 3. I actually took a half day of PTO last minute, so technically I still managed slightly over 50% of my day in VR. I worked with our People Ops team today, as they are planning to do some exploration of VR for Team Meetings in the future.

Cup Half Empty: When you have lower energy in general, VR is not optimal. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, but I’m stating it anyway for the record. I am working from my normal home office this week, and settling in with the different layout is taking some adjusting, which also isn’t surprising. I also forgot to charge my Face Cover Fan, so several meetings in VR were without the air flowing. Since I’m reviewing that fan this week, I’m planning to use a few different face covers. Based on my experience today, I think I’m going to miss the fan! But time and testing will tell.

Cup Half Full: I started my day trying to get my blood pressure to lower a bit. I used the same tools from Friday (Daily Calm + Walkabout Minigolf) to create a space to rest and breathe slowly. I was able to get things calmed down pretty quickly. This is just shows how VR can be a tool for many things, and today it was a health tool for me!

I also discovered today that I miss my 3 big screens when I’m just working on my 13 inch laptop (featured photo today!). It feels so much more inefficient. Sure you could “Alt-Tab” your way from window to window, but in my experience that breaks flow and slows me down. With my triple monitors (or double for the PC folks), everything I use regularly is just a glance away, not a click, swipe, or screen re-arrangement.


I’m not going to let today’s slow start to the week bother me. I wasn’t feeling great and that happens. My feelings weren’t tied to my VR use, so that’s a good thing. Even in my sub-optimal state, I still was able to help onboard two team members, meet for a regular 1:1 and get some focus time in my Personal Office. I’m excited to see how the upstairs office goes tomorrow when I’m hopefully back to my old virtual self.

Till Tomorrow…


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