My VR Office Experiment: Day 6

Day 6 in the Virtual Office! Happy Halloween!!

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 45 minutes (across 8 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time, Team Meetings, 1:1 Meetings, Mini-Mindfulness, Abbey Road, Evening Work

Week 2 has begun in the VR Office! The day started out a little rough. One of my first meetings was in the VR platform “Immersed“. Between my computer failing to map and my co-worker unable to enter my VR room, we gave up and went to Workrooms, which remains quite reliable. This week is all about maintaining momentum, and getting through the honeymoon period in the VR Office. Fingers crossed!

Cup Half Empty:

During the morning I was working in Excel, doing some data analysis. I found the screen harder to read today. I was trying to figure out if my struggles with the spreadsheet where related to the VR screens, or just my foggy attempts at remembering excel formulas I haven’t used in years. This is a good reminder that I need to always be conscious of when the technology is getting in the way of me doing my work, just like the example with the Immersed platform I mentioned earlier. The goal of this experiment is to figure out if you can be productive in VR. And when the tech fails, I can’t spend a bunch of time figuring it out. That type of work needs to be done in the evening, off hours.

Cup Half Full:

I have a new headstrap! This new model has a larger battery on the back and returns balance to my Quest 2. Time will tell if it is a solid choice, but my first impressions are good. I particularly like the color indicator on the dial that indicates battery life.

After fighting with excel in the morning, I had a great session with my team in VR today doing data analysis. The power of three people sitting around a table and working through a problem together can’t be understated. The idea of having that same meeting via video chat on Zoom sounds terrible to me. This is a great example of Virtual Reality bringing an added benefit to remote workers.


After a couple hiccups in the morning, the VR Office Experiment is back in full swing. My desk setup continues to improve, now including a full size mouse pad for comfort on the wrists and perhaps better tracking from the headset. More of my day was in solo work today, but this week has some exciting collaborative sessions in store! Here we go!

Happy Halloween!!

Till Tomorrow…


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