My VR Office Experiment: Day 4

Day 4 in the Virtual Office, on the road!!!

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 12 minutes. (across 7 VR sessions)

Use Cases: Focus Time (2h and 8m), 1:1 Meetings (1h, 8m), Community Time (34m), Mini-Mindfulness (20m)

I spent my day at a friend’s office, as I do once a week to get out of my home office where I’ve worked for three years now. I hope in the future to get more minimalistic with my gear, but today I had a lot of stuff in my bag to setup my configuration in a different place. But I’m doing this again in a week so maybe I’ll be optimizing quickly.

Cup Half Empty: I continue to have issues with the keyboards in Workrooms. I have an Apple Magic Keyboard and Logi MX Keys Mini Keyboard. I generally use the Logi because I can toggle between Mac and PC easily. But the keyboard tends to float over the table and vanishes when my hands aren’t on it. I tried with the Magic Keyboard and it seems to have the same issue. I have a wood grain desk, so I put a large “mouse pad” across the table, hoping that might help the cameras, but to no avail. That means I’m using using the Passthrough Desk, which is fine, but I’d like the option to go VR 100%.

Cup Half Full: I had over two hours of Focus Time today. That means I was in VR by myself just getting stuff done! It was really cool to be in an entirely different physical location but in the “Lake Office” of Workrooms it really felt like I was where I usually am at home. That’s been the first real surprise to me this first week. I actually don’t feel like I work from home when I am using the VR Office to “leave the house”. Sounds silly, but it is a real feeling. I have struggled a ton with feeling cooped up in my house. That’s why my buddy let me start “office-ing” once a week from his work; just to get me out of the house. But the VR Office somehow has triggered that same switch in my brain that used to require physically leaving the building. That’s kind of wild. We’ll see if it’s just a side effect of the “honeymoon period”. I’m still being amazing by this thing. In the weeks to come, this will become normal, and maybe the cooped up feeling will return.


VR Offices can be mobile! After a 2 minute setup I was in the same space I’ve been using all week. I took advantage of a slower meeting day to actually use the VR Office for Focus Work. The isolation could certainly get to me at some point, but for now it is a cool way to drive my focus at the work and away from distraction.

Lastly, while hanging out in ForeVR Cornhole with my buddy today, I discovered that even VR, NPCs give me the side-eye!!

“When NPCs React!!”

Till Tomorrow…


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