My VR Office Experiment: Day 2

Day 2 in the Virtual Office

Total Time in VR: 4 hours and 54 minutes.

Primary Use Cases: Focus Time, Team Meetings, 1:1 Meetings, Mini-Mindfulness

Another day in the VR Office! I’m surprised how many hours I’m clocking right now. My goal was 2-3 hours a day this first week, but I find it so easy to just stay in here and keep working that I’m adding lots of hours.

I want to touch quickly on how I am tracking my time in VR. I have an app installed on my iPhone that allows me to “check in” and “check out” of VR based on what I’m doing. This allows me to easily see what types of use cases are being used the most and the least, without having to track it in a notebook! Each day I will post the pie chart showing my overall usage.

Cup Half Empty: I had my first issue with headaches today. Following my first 2 hours in headset (admittedly that’s a LONG session), I had a Zoom call that found me looking at a bare lightbulb over my laptop, which triggered the headache. Perhaps the 2 hours of VR contributed. It’s to soon to tell, as I did similar extended periods yesterday without issue. But it took an hour to calm the headache down and I was back at it, without issue the rest of the day.

I also tried to use the Immersed application to join a Zoom this morning as an avatar, but the Immersed VR Camera was no longer in my video options in Zoom. So I ditched it and did Zoom in the usual manner (good ole webcam). This tech needs to work EVERY TIME, and that was a fail today. I am checking the setting this evening so hopefully it will work in the future.

Cup Half Full: Today I started my day like most of my days on the minigolf course doing 10 minutes of silent meditations with a couple of co-workers, that we call “Mini-Mindfulness”. We have been starting our day that way for nearly 5 months and it is amazing to have such a consistent start as a remote worker. If only we could share some coffee together!

I also attended a couple of Zoom calls (off camera) from my Personal Office in Workrooms and it was so awesome to watch on the bigger screens in a virtual space (I am a beach room fan as you can see in my pic at the top of today’s post). I hope to have other co-workers join me for those calls in the future, giving us the ability to “go to the conference room” together, as we do for many of our regular meetings. Anything that takes the sting out of Zoom is good in my book!


Day 2 saw the first pinch of eye strain for a moment this morning, but then I bounced back to a another full day of VR. I spent a lot of time alone working on projects. I jumped into a couple impromtu meetings with co-workers in other VR spaces, making the joke “let me just dash down the virtual hall” one too many times! I will keep paying attention to eye strain and headaches, and perhaps build more down time into the schedule. I’m not here to prove 40 hour workweeks in VR are a good idea after all!

Till Tomorrow…

BC (with updated avatar!!)

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